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Europe gets a new trade show

Europe gets a new trade show

The industry calendar will feature another trade show in 2015 when the inaugural Nordic Erotic Expo kicks off in Aarhus, Denmark, from 15th – 17th April. The new event will focus on business in Scandinavian and Northern Europe although retailers from other parts of Europe and overseas will also be welcome to attend as visitors.

Organiser Kenneth Pihl said: “I have during 2014 arranged a few B2C fairs in Denmark. Some of the large distributors in Europe visited these fairs, and they were very positive of the setup we made. I have spoken with a few of these distributors and the impression I got was that a B2B fair of high quality would be most welcome in the Nordics. We have now been working on the concept for quite a while, and are ready to launch a brand new fair. The timing of the fair is chosen carefully. Most of the interesting fairs in Europe are set in the fall, so we wanted ours to be in the springtime. This way distributors can show new products early in the year, and store owners can prepare their selections for late season in good time.”

Nordic Erotic Expo – or NE Expo, for short – will be free for visitors to attend.

“We offer full service for the exhibitioners, from standard expo walls, to carpet on their stand, if they desire,” added Pihl. “Naturally exhibitors are most welcome to make their own set up as well.”

For more information contact Kenneth Pihl via [email protected] or call +45 3080 7767.