ETO Show exhibitors: Heaven SX

Posted: June 11, 2013

Heaven SX will be showcasing the first offerings from its new range of products at the ETO Show. After years of pharmaceutical research and development within its own state of the art facility the firm has developed an additive, Hygienemax which is clinically certified to Log 5 to give 99.999% protection from STDs, viruses, bacteria and fungi. Hygienemax is currently being used around the world in medical facilities and surgical products, hotels, airlines and homes as a preferred method of protection.

Heaven SX has now developed its Sexual Essentials range which have Hygienemax added to them. These include: water-based and silicone lubricants, delay gel, anal desensitiser, intimate washes for him, her and for clothing, thrush gel, washes and toy cleaner. A company spokesperson said: “Why trust your protection to lemon juice or alcohol when you can have a product which is scientifically proven to work and holds the relevant documents to prove it? All our Sexual Essentials range products are environmentally friendly, pH neutral, safe for use on sensitive skin, contain medical or food grade additives and are safe to be ingested or used internally where appropriate.”

The company has also created a designer bed, called Sleep Secrets, for the adventurous. The handmade bed is a stylish piece of furniture in its own right but it hides a secret in its headboard, which is revealed at the touch of a button. “This is the fetish furniture that not only the BDSM scene has been waiting for but all of those who want to join the Fifty Shades of Grey revolution,” explained the company spokesperson. “Each bed is fully customisable. Choose your colour, material, size and options then attach all your own equipment and accessories – ropes, chains, restraints, handcuffs, or your own secret toy. Experience the pleasure of watching yourself in the built-in TV and video system, and bring your fantasies to life.” The Sleep Secrets bed also features fully integrated Bluetooth technology and it is linked to a state of the art sound system.