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ETO Show exhibitors: BodyGliss


BodyGliss is a skin friendly and odour free massage and lubricating jelly which also moisturises, leaving skin soft, shiny and looking more attractive, according to the makers. It is said to be 100% safe for internal or external use. It is sold by many erotic retailers in the Netherlands and Belgium and also used [under another label] in hospitals by doctors, pharmacists, therapists, osteopaths, homeopaths, natural health therapists, radiotherapists and well-being carers.

The company has recently introduced BodyGliss BothWays, which will be seen in the UK for the first time. It is described as a velvet soft gel specially developed for anal use, for both him and her. It is formulated to a thicker consistency than normal BodyGliss, allowing penetration to be smoother and more comfortable. As an introductory offer, every 200ml bottle of BothWays and 250ml bottle of BodyGliss by Eros sold will come with a special LED light keychain for sales promotional purposes – but the company’s main aim in attending the show is to find a UK distributor for its products.


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