ETO Show countdown: Lovingstuff

Posted: June 20, 2014

Lovingstuff will be presenting NuVirile, a 100% natural male enhancer. The company claims that NuVirile is not just for the treatment of erectile dysfunction as it also allows greater stamina, harder erections and works in under 45 minutes. It is also said to be safe for diabetes sufferers and with alcohol and to provide a faster recovery time. Lovingstuff is the sole European distributor for NuVirile and will be using the ETO Show to launch the product into the UK. The company says that NuVirile is great for the over 40s but is equally popular with younger age groups, such as the 18-25s.

A Lovingstuff representative said: “It has been recently tested by some of the larger retailers and customers with great results and last year it had a great write up in StorErotica in the USA. Our customer feedback has been excellent and the product carries a 30 Day money back guarantee.”

A discount will be offered for orders placed at the ETO Show.