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ETO Show countdown: Fun Factory

ETO Show countdown: Fun Factory

Fun Factory has enhanced its Press Fun To Play control unit that was first introduced at the launch of the Stronic series in 2012. The company says the ergonomically shaped control with its three grippy buttons has proved to be a real asset to its toys, allowing for extremely intuitive handling when browsing through the vibration rhythms and programs with the embossed + and – buttons while making the toys incredibly easy to handle even when slippery with massage oil or lubricant. The control unit now features a new user-friendly function – an ascending illumination pattern when charging or briefly attaching the toy to the USB charger lets the costumer know exactly how full the battery is and if it is advisable to recharge before going on any adventures.

The new Press Fun To Play control unit comes with the Stronic Series, the Deluxe Vibes Minis and the newly redesigned male masturbator, Cobra Libre II, which will be officially launched at the ETO Show. The second incarnation of the glans charmer can be used underwater and now features 11 reprogrammed vibration levels and rhythms. Cobra Libre encompasses the glans and the tip of the penis with its soft, velvety silicone insides while two motors massage the most sensitive part of the penis, the glans, either gently or powerfully – a sensation that has been compared to a really intense blow job. Also new to the market are B Balls, a unique butt plug which features internal weights – like jiggle balls – that react to the motions of the user.

Fun Factory is running a series of promotions at the ETO Show including: 5% exclusive show discount; an additional 5% discount for any orders over £1,000; a 1m Fun Factory wall module or an acrylic Fun Factory display free of charge with orders over £2,000; and a 2m Fun Factory module or a 1m Fun Factory module and an acrylic Fun Factory display free of charge for orders over £3,000.

“We are very much looking to greeting all our UK costumers and interested clientele at our booth for a chat and a demonstration of our portfolio,” said Fun Factory’s Tina Grashoff. “The ETO show is always a unique opportunity to take care of and intensify our relationships with our colleagues in Britain.”