ETO Awards: Best Consumable

Posted: May 28, 2012

The category of Best Consumable is the third collection of finalists for the ETO Awards. The five products within the category include lubricants, room odourisers and erection enhancers.

The first in the list of five, which are all listed alphabetically, is ID Glide by ID Lubricants. The water-based lubricant has been around for many years and can be used with condoms, sex toys and during pregnancy. The ID Glide lubricant does not stain and is easily washed off.

Next in the category is Liquid Gold, a room odouriser by Liquid Gold Aromas. Liquid Gold, which has been available for over 30 years, is 70% Iso-Propyl Nitrate and can be purchased worldwide. Liquid Gold Aromas sell the product, wholesale only, in trays of 20 10ml bottles.

Relaxxx Anal Spray by Relaxxx is a water-soluble and fat-free spray that relaxes the rectum and anus without numbing, so no sensitivity is lost. The spray is easily applied to the area from a non-aerosol spray pump bottle and works within minutes after 1-2 doses. Relaxxx Anal Spray can be used safely in conjunction with sex toys and contains no chemical agents.

The next product in our Best Consumable category is Slide Lubricant by Loving Joy. Released in early 2011 the water-based, paraben-free and non-staining lubricant is dispensed from an easy-squeeze tube containing 50ml of the product. Only a small amount of Slide Lubricant is needed, and the product is safe for use with sex toys and condoms.

The final product in the list are the Wolfberry erection enhancer pills by Wolfberry. The pills are made from the Chinese wolfberry fruit (also known as the Goji berry) and have no side effects as they are 100% natural and not

classified as a drug. Wolfberry pills are said to relieve premature ejaculation and improve sexual potency and vigour. The effects of Wolfberry are said to last up to six hours and men between ages 18-80 can be affected. Do not exceed a dose of one pill in any 24 hour period.

All products in all categories, and forthcoming articles, are listed in alphabetical order.

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