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Eropartner takes on Wingman Condoms

Eropartner Distribution has announced that it is now distributing Wingman Condoms. The design of the revolutionary sheaths incorporates plastic wings which allow the user to apply the condom one-handed in as little as two seconds, meaning an end to those awkward pauses which can have a deflating effect on the action.

The unique wings also mean there is no need to touch the condom so no air is trapped in the tip during application, making it extra safe. There’s also no fear of applying the condom inside out or snagging it on a nail or jewellery. And because the user’s hand does not come into contact with the material, only the plastic wings, Eropartner say the condoms are the thinnest on the market – giving a more natural feel during intercourse and allowing the user to feel closer to their partner.

“I was excited when I saw this product”, said Eropartner buyer Elcke Wieffering. “It’s rare for something completely new and revolutionary to launch in the condom market and we believed in it right away.”

Research by the manufacturer revealed that 81% of people that tried Wingman Condoms felt they were better than ordinary condoms. For more information email [email protected] or visit www.eropartner.com