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Enrolment opens for Pipedream University

Enrolment opens for Pipedream University

Pipedream Products now offers a series of two-day instructional seminars to its distributors. The classes are designed to give distribution partners some insight into how pipedream operates and provide guidance on how to effectively merchandise and market the brand.

“By providing these seminars, we hope to strengthen our existing relationships with our distributors and give them the tools they need to effectively build relationships with the stores and online retailers they do business with,” explains Pipedream CEO, Nick Orlandino. “Our Pipedream University 2-Day Seminar offers extensive product training, merchandising strategies, marketing goals, and a special tutorial on using our new Planogrammer software.”

Daniel M Shaw, senior account manager of Williams Trading, who was one of the first to complete the course has said he found it helpful: “They put me at ease and made learning fun. I feel more confident and comfortable talking to customers about Pipedream’s brands with the knowledge shared with us.”

“I want to thank the group at Pipedream Products, they are an amazing bunch of people,” said Shaw’s colleage, Kelly Szwed, who is marketing and promotions coordinator for the company. “Thanks so much for the laughs, the fun, and of course, the great training. They are all an amazing bunch!”

Video highlights of the Williams Trading seminar is available on the Pipedream Company Blog.

Pipedream University Seminars are scheduled to for each weekend throughout August and September. For more information, or to book a course, contact a Pipedream sales executive or email [email protected].