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ElectraStim unveils ‘revolutionary’ new Flicks stimulators

ElectraStim unveils 'revolutionary' new Flicks stimulators

After two years of product development, ElectraStim has announced the release of two new electro-sex stimulators, Flick and Flick Duo – the former has a single output and the latter features dual output.


ElectraStim says the new products are a revolution in electro stimulation technology as not only do they have multiple built-in programs, including escalating patterns, but they are also able to stimulate in rhythm with the movements of the control unit. Whether the user simply wants to add his own stimulation ‘beat’ or wants to stimulate in harmony with his own wrist movements during masturbation, this patent pending feature is said to be like nothing he will have tried before. The Flick feature can be slow or fast, soft or hard.


The new stimulators incorporate integrated Lithium Polymer battery technology enabling intelligent charging via a standard USB port so the running cost is negligible.


The single output ElectraStim Flick will be available in a basic pack for those who already have a selection of stimulation accessories and want to try the new stimulation features. A multi-pack is also available in the Flick and Flick Duo stimulators for those looking to get involved in electro-sex for the first time. This pack includes the stimulator, a vaginal/anal stimulation probe, a pair of penis/scrotal stimulation loops, conductive gel, self-adhesive electrodes for electro lovemaking, output cables, a protective stimulator pouch and a mini USB charging cable.


All stimulator packs and accessories have been treated to completely new look packaging and are now supplied in printed cartons with euro hangers. The single output Flick pack is set to retail at £99, the same price as the existing EM32-E starter pack, with the Flick Duo multi-pack retailing for around £199.


For further information contact Andy Smith at ElectraStim on 01920 877999 or email [email protected]