ElectraStim to unveil ‘game-changing’ new electrosex device in New Year

Posted: November 29, 2018

ElectraStim has announced it will be releasing a ‘game-changing’ new electrosex product in January. Called Axis, the company says it is set to change the face of the e-stim market by providing an immersive and interactive experience that can be incorporated into erotic play of all kinds.

ElectraStim marketing manager Claire Blakeborough said: “We’ve been working on Axis for the best part of two years, so it’s incredibly exciting to see the end in sight. It’s unlike anything else on the sex toy market and is going to revolutionise the way we approach things, if not the adult sex toy market as an entire category.”

Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all we can tell you about the product at this stage, as full information, specifications, and pricing for Axis will be revealed on 7th January 2019, with orders being accepted from that date for shipping from 15th January 2019.

“Although we know it’s a bit mean to tease you all, we wanted to be uncharacteristically dramatic for this launch,” said Claire. “Besides, we’ve worked so hard on this that we want to build some anticipation. Most of you reading this will already be on our mailing list, but if you want to make sure that you receive a first look at Axis after the New Year please send me an email at claire@electrastim.com to register your interest.”