‘Effortlessly beautiful’ new Seven ‘til Midnight collection about to hit

Posted: February 4, 2016

Kevco Wholesale has announced the launch of Seven ‘til Midnight’s 2016 collection, which the distributor describes as effortlessly beautiful and hopelessly romantic. The company said: “With luxurious fabrics, lavish colours, and bold details, Seven ‘til Midnight’s 2016 collection is a romantic version of our fleeting moments in time.  From dreamy afternoons to frolicking into the sunset, Seven ’til Midnight’s bohemian inspired styles are sure to make you fall in love again.”

New for this year is Strike, described as a capsule collection of sporty bras, bottom, and tank top for women on the go. “From errands to the gym, these fashionable active wear styles are designed to keep you on the move with comfort and confidence,” said Kevco Wholesale.

Seven ‘til Midnight is also concurrently launching its Baby Got Curves! plus size collection, a range of lingerie, sports bras, bedroom costumes, hosiery, gloves, and accessories designed to fit and flatter the curvy customer. Stock of the new collections is expected to be available by 22nd February.

Kevco Wholesale:

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