EDC Wholesale boosts Sinner Gear urethral play series with new releases

Posted: March 29, 2018

EDC Wholesale has added over 30 new items to its Sinner Gear Unbendable collection. The Unbendable series was released at the beginning of this year and has already been expanded with a collection made of cold and strong metal.

Sinner Gear offers an extension to the urethral play series with additional dialators and penis plugs. The Solid Metal Ribbed Dilator for instance is said to provide an unforgettable stimulation due to its wavy shaft, providing an intense feeling when inserted bead by bead. At the top of the dialator, a large bead makes sure it stays in place. Newcomers to urethral play can start with the compact Hollow Penis Plug with Pull Ring, a short metal plug with a practical pull ring that is said to be easy to insert and provide a good grip.

The more experienced sex toy user will probably be attracted to the kinky cock and ball play series, such as the Metal Cock Ring and Anal Plug. The metal can be warmed up and cooled down and is safe to use in combination with every kind of lubricant. The cock ring is said to provide a harder erection and makes sure the blood won’t leave the penis. This will make the penis swell up a little, so both the wearer and his partner can enjoy extra girth. The anal plug has a round top with a small tip to keep it in place during use.

“The Sinner Gear Unbendable collection offers quality metal products for chastity, urethral, cock & ball, anal, and medical play for the experienced fetish toy user,” said EDC Wholesale. “Sinner Gear Unbendable is a unique collection with a wide range of the most popular fetish products. The high-quality products are offered at an affordable price rate. The brand matches the fantasy and wishes of the user. A total experience with the necessary supplements, such as a handy manual and a cleaning kit, included in each product.”

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