E-Stim Systems unveils ElectroHelix power box

Posted: March 13, 2017

E-Stim Systems has released its latest power box, the ElectroHelix, which is a development of the Series 1 power box that helped build the company. Since the Series 1’s release, E-Stim Systems has released more advanced power boxes such as the 2B and ElectroPebble, and MD and designer Wayne Allen explained why the company has decided to reinvent its original unit: “We have always been a company that listens to its users and so we took their feedback and we went back to the beginning and took the very DNA of our first ever unit and used it to develop our latest entry level unit, the ElectroHelix. We took all that was good about the Series 1 and improved it.”

The ElectroHelix features all the favourite modes from the original Series 1, so it still has a continuous mode, (now called Flo), an improved pulse mode along, with manual or fire modes, plus two new modes, milk and tease, which are also featured in the ElectroPebble. Among its other enhancements, it is now packaged in a smaller sized unit which fits in the palm of the hand and it has more power, though it retains the step-less controls so users can find the exact level they require. E-Stim Systems says that all five modes can also be adjusted by ‘feel’, so users can vary the sensation from soft and sensual to hard and prickly. Finally there is a hidden sports mode for users to discover, which offers a more taught feel for those who want a little more edge with their experience.

The ElectroHelix is available in three versions with a retail price starting at £109. It is supplied in a carry case with everything the user needs to get started and is backed by a lifetime guarantee. For more information email wholesale@e-stim.co.uk