E-Stim Systems to launch three new electro-compression products

Posted: June 17, 2014

This weekend’s ETO Show will feature the unveiling of three new products from E-Stim Systems – the Vyper 2, the Vyper XL and the Python.

“It’s been three years since we launched our first electro cock compression system, the Vyper,”said Wayne Allen, founder of E-Stim Systems. “In that time we’ve seen its popularity rise steadily, and we’ve sought the feedback of customers and retailers alike. You could say these new products came about as a result of those discussions.”

The next-generation Vyper 2 is the successor to the original Vyper. Featuring an additional pair of compression adjustments, it is said to give the user three-dimensional control of the angle of the compression panel. The clear acrylic housing, polished edges and precision laser etching combine to give the Vyper 2 a more refined appearance than its predecessor.

The Vyper XL was designed with the larger gentleman in mind. With a 235mm (9.25 in) long base plate, it has two independent compression plates with a total of eight adjustment points and eight individual electrical contact pads. A suspension hole adds an extra element to playtime.

Finally, E-Stim Systems says it has moved into new territory with the Python, its first production testicular electro-compression system. With the same refinements as its Vyper cousins, the company says the Python was also born out of customer demand.

For more information visit E-Stim Systems at the ETO Show this weekend.