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DVD ‘still not dead’ shock!

How dead is DVD? Answer; not dead at all. At September’s AITA AGM I had more than one conversation in which a DVD publisher told me that sales are nothing like as bad as they expected them to be at this stage in the product’s lifecycle, especially with the economy still out of sorts. And in the intervening period I’ve had several more, with one big name publisher telling me this very morning that their DVD sales were the best they’ve been in several years. Several retailers I’ve recently spoken to have also reported more than satisfactory sales.

This happy state of affairs almost certainly won’t be the same for everyone, but I suspect that there are many more companies involved in the DVD business that are doing not bad at all, thank you very much.

This may seem surprising to those who believed those clever types who predicted that DVD, as a format, would be dead and buried by now. Of course, some of those clever types had very good reasons for wanting DVD to pop its clogs, but a physical product has so many advantages over digital content that I predict consumers will be buying DVDs, or their successors, for many decades to come.