Dual-density dildos added to Net 1on1 catalogue

Posted: January 30, 2019

Net 1on1 has added seven new realistic dual-density dildos to its catalogue, due to increased sales of lifelike toys. Made by Spanish manufacturer CNex, Net 1on1 says the SileXD branded dual-density toys feature a patented memory foam-like material that is the closest the industry has come to recreating the sensation of real human flesh.

“Realistic dildos are always sought after,” said Net 1on1 sales manager Sebastian Gonzalez. “It’s the OG sex toy, it’s a bread-butter-and-jam product that is always popular with customers of all sexes, ages, and sexual orientations. The two recently released Loving Joy 6” and 7.5” dildos became instant hits for us, they sold beyond expectations, and I can tell you, the expectations were high to begin with. So in this regard, adding more variety to our dildo catalogue with the SileXD range was always a no-brainer, not to mention that high-end dildos are still few and far between, especially realistic ones.”

He continued: “Replicating the feel of a real erection, dual-density dildos are made with two different layers of premium silicone, a softer outer one covering a firmer, but flexible inner core. The squishiness means that there’s a bit more give to the toy, especially during insertion, which can make for a more comfortable and realistic experience. The extraordinary dual-density material just gives these dildos that extra luxury, that extra sensation, that extra experience that consumers now expect from high end toys. We are adding a whole range of these from 6” to 9.5”, so everyone can find the right size for themselves. They are all equipped with strong suction cups too, so they are fully harness compatible and suitable for hands-free solo play. The price point is also outstanding for silicone, so our customers will be able to stay competitive with this premium product online. Bricks and mortar retailers will be also happy to hear that the stylish clamshell packaging features a material sample window so shoppers will be able to touch and get a feel for the material before making up their minds. Dual-density is definitely the next step in dildo evolution, and Net 1on1 is keeping up with the times.”

The SileXD range of realistic dual-density dildos is available for retailers to purchase now.

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