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Dreamlove introduces Anne’s Desire, featuring new WatchMe technology

Dreamlove introduces Anne’s Desire, featuring new WatchMe technology

Now available at Dreamlove is a new range of products called Anne’s Desire. Dreamlove describes Anne’s Desire as ‘an elegant and sensual brand that will revolutionise the world of sexuality and sensuality in the coming years thanks to the quality of its products, innovative designs capable of captivating anyone, and new ideas to find total pleasure in intimate relationships’.

Most intriguingly, Anne’s Desire marks the debut of a new patented technology called WatchMe, which is included in all its products. Essentially it is a smartwatch that pairs with the toy and allows users to control its functions. WatchMe options include being able to activate or deactivate the vibration, modifying the modes of the vibration, and modifying the intensity of the vibration.

Dreamlove reports that in the pre-launch, over 500,000 units were sold into 15 countries around the world, and the following products are available now: Curve, Rabbit, Egg, Dual, and Panty Secret. All are waterproof, USB rechargeable, made from medical grade silicone, and offer seven vibration programs with varying degrees of intensity.

The design of Curve allows it to adapt to the shape of the user’s body, inside and out, and its bulbous shape and length has been designed to find and stimulate the G-spot. Rabbit features two independent motors, Egg has been contoured exclusively for the vulva, while Dual has been designed for couples. Its shape allows both him and her to be stimulated during sex as its position stimulates not only her G-spot and clitoris, but also her partner’s penis. Finally Panty Secret comes with a magnet to keep it securely in place and it can even be used in a jacuzzi.

All Anne’s Desire products have a two-year guarantee. For more information visit www.dreamlove.es

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