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Dreamgirl moves to sustainable packaging

Dreamgirl moves to sustainable packaging

Dreamgirl has announced it has converted all of its packaging to a sustainable format which will easily break down in landfills. The change encompasses bags, hangers, and snaps on costume bags and the firm is also exploring making rayon from bamboo. These garments will also break down in landfills.

Speaking in the US, Dreamgirl president Barry Revzen said: “We are working with several customers now who are looking into possibly making garments from bamboo. We are being very careful and will offer certificates of authenticity when dealing with rayon from bamboo to ensure that it is the real thing.”

He added: “Sustainability is the way of the future. It is important that we take care of our environment, and it is something we are very committed to. We have switched all our packaging materials to a sustainable material. Currently the landfills are bursting with product that will never break down, such as plastics and inorganic materials, but we are using packaging that will easily break down and not create further damage to our environment.”

Revzen said Dreamgirl has also been looking into yarns and cloth from recycled garments as well as plastics from the oceans: “It literally means garments and plastics are shred and reconstituted as new yarns or cloth from recycled fibre,” he said. “As the process right now is quite difficult and time consuming, this kind of cloth or yarn is quite expensive. You can get certificates from Greenpeace that you are using these kinds of friendly yarns so that consumers can understand where it has come from and will be aware of the process. Recycled cloth is not sustainable but it means that we have used recycled materials that help us to clean up our oceans and it also means that no new materials were part of that cloth. So it is reducing the amount of new materials going into the landfills. This is so important to our environment that it will become the way of the future.”

The move to sustainable packaging took around six months and is now complete, and the initiative will not impact on price. For more information contact New Temptations, Dreamgirl’s exclusive UK distributor.

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