Doc Johnson Main Squeeze Instagram stars now available from Scala

Posted: July 17, 2019

Three new Main Squeeze realistic masturbators from Doc Johnson are now available from Scala. Two feature Instagram stars ana.lorde and brittanya187 while the third is an Endurance Trainer.

“The new ana.lorde and brittanya187 masturbators are lifelike designs inspired by these two sexy Instagram stars,” said Scala. “Both girls have millions of followers on social media and have now earned a spot in the Main Squeeze line-up with their killer curves, sensual looks, and naughty personalities.”

The Main Squeeze lines that carry their names are moulded directly from the girls’ bodies and handcrafted in lifelike UltraSkyn. The Endurance Trainer is designed to help users build up their stamina so they can stay harder for longer.

Visit for more information or visit @brittanya187 and @ana.lorde on Instagram to discover why they have become so popular.