Deskbound: Net 1on1 takes on Shed Simove’s Pleasure and Pen desk novelty

Posted: October 18, 2017

Bring out the Gimp! Shed Simove’s Pleasure and Pen Gimp Pen Holder is now available from Net 1on1. The pen holder itself is a figure of a leather-clad gimp presenting his rear end, and the pen that fits into it (supplied) features a real leather tassel. Shed – real name Sheridan – is well known in the media for both his inventions and publicity stunts, and he has been featured several times in ETO. He holds a Guinness World Record for being the author of ‘the published book with the most blank pages’ [What Every Man Thinks About Apart From Sex] and earlier this year he created a dating app, Shinder, that matches all women with the same one man – himself. He also devised a Fifty Shades of Gray parody book [that contained pages which were coloured in fifty different shades of grey], and he has been creating novelty adult products for over a decade, including Clitoris Allsorts and the Buckingham Phallus [a dildo shaped like the Queen].

Net 1on1 sales manager Sebastian Gonzalez said: “When Shed approached us to tell us about his newest novelty product, we jumped at the opportunity to work with him as we knew that it’s going to be something bombastic. Then, as soon as we saw the gimp figurine with the pen, we all really wanted one for our office desks, and we are utterly convinced that this is how our customers and end consumers will react too. The (un)fortunate leather clad chap just has the most hilariously pained but also intriguingly blissed face which makes inserting the pen into its ‘designated’ place a joy to behold every single time. The gimp is hand painted with great detail and thought, while the pen comes with a real leather tassel that can be used as a mini-flogger. This is a high-quality novelty item, perfect gift for Secret Santa as a prank but also ideal purchase for anyone in your office that you know has a more twisted sense of humour.”

Gonzalez added: “We’ve been building our portfolio of novelty products in the past year with a big Spencer & Fleetwood expansion, and we are now so excited to add this devilishly stylish, totally exclusive, utterly kinky and horribly exquisite item to our catalogue. Get Shed Simove’s Gimp Pen Holder while you can, cause it’ll fly off the shelves!”

Net 1on1:

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