Introducing Dee Lee Doo – a collection of handmade, all-natural wooden dildos

Posted: November 13, 2013

The brainchild of Iris Trstenjak – a talented young designer with a passion for woodwork Dee Lee Doo is a new brand of exquisitely designed, hand-made wooden dildos.


Dee Lee Doo dildos are 100% hand-made, all-natural, environmentally friendly and certified safe to use. Each of the six Dee Lee Doo dildo designs is available six different wood types: maple, cherry, walnut, mutenye, zebrano and mahogany. This makes a total of 42 different combinations to choose from, to suit every taste. The dildos are packaged in a locally sown satchel made of soft, all-natural wool. The finished product is also protected with a carton tube and sent discreetly, without revealing the contents of the package.


Dee Lee Doo dildos are finished with multiple layers of all-natural, environmentally-friendly, water thinned transparent varnish, free of solvents, which guarantees a top-quality product and adheres to DIN standards for toys, (DIN EN 71-3). The finish with which the products are treated is resistant to spit, sweat and other bodily fluids (DIN 53160) and has a neutral smell. The quality of the coating and the wood itself are of the highest standard and crafted with utmost precision, hence will not splinter or cause damage to skin if used without applying excessive force. After use, the dildo should simply rinsed with water and dried off. With good care and proper maintenance wood can last forever.


The subtle and unique ergonomic design in wood makes a sex toys into an intimate sculpture that is smooth, warm to touch and aesthetically refined bedroom accessories as well as excellent gifts.

The dildos are all available for pre-order on the Dee Lee Doo Indiegogo page, which was set up by Trstenjak to promote and support the brand’s launch to the public. She is hoping to raise at least $10,000 to set up her own shop.

View the Dee Lee Doo website at or contact for further details.