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Daring new Creative Director

Daring Media Group has appointed Kenny D Rye as its new Creative Director. Better known as award-winning film director Kendo, Rye will oversee all the studio’s new productions, heading up art direction and quality control, as well as continuing to shoot in his own right.

He commented: “I am very pleased to move further ahead in my relationship with Beate Uhse and Daring Media Group. Since we started working together over a year ago, the results have been incredible, and we have been awarded at different shows including AVN in Las Vegas and Venus in Berlin. With Daring, I always liked the freedom they gave me to develop my creativity and the trust they placed on me so that I became even more motivated to deliver the best possible product. Now, I will be shooting a new movie per month, and I am already in talks with other Daring directors to ensure that the cast, storyline, locations, etc, of everything they shoot is in line with the quality standards we have set for Daring.”

Beate Uhse COO and Daring Media Group’s Managing Director, Serge van der Hooft, added: “Kendo working as Creative Director for Daring was the next natural step for us to take. Ever since the first movie he made for us, Bondage Thoughts, Kenny has always lived up to the most demanding expectations. Now that Daring is an established brand in the market and everybody knows it is a serious initiative, we are receiving a lot of requests from directors interested in working with us. Kendo has tremendous experience in the industry and knows everything that needs to be known to produce high-quality movies, so he will be overseeing all new Daring productions.”