DareToo unveils the thrusting MiaMaxx

Posted: October 5, 2015

MiaMaxx is a new product from DareToo, an Australian company whose aim is to “provide smarter and better intimate lifestyle products and elevate the standards of quality in our industry”. The DareToo team have been developing MiaMaxx for the last four years and it now intends to break into the international market and export MiaMaxx all over the world.

MiaMaxx is the first pleasure device to originate and launch from Australia and it has been designed as genderless – it can be used by men, women and couples. It features a thrusting head which DareToo says offers men endless pleasure possibilities in anal stimulation and provides women with a huge number of options for self-exploration, pleasure and play.

It comes with a smooth attachment sleeve as standard, and a full range of alternative sleeves are available too, all made from silicone. These include a cradle, which gives users the option to use MiaMaxx hands-free when attached to smooth floor and wall surfaces. Most of the sleeves are unisex though there are a few – such as the G-spot stimulation sleeve – which are designed for anatomy-specific usage.

MiaMaxx features seven stimulation modes and three thrust variations with three different speed settings that can be applied to each thrust depth. The vibration pattern, speed and thrust intensity are controllable via the five button interface. It delivers upwards of 50 minutes of vibration and thrust from a 30 minute charge and comes presented in a hinged gift box.

MiaMaxx can be seen in action on DareToo’s YouTube channel (www.youtube.com/channel/UCCKpL-MVo1-Od82jQImcEIA/videos) or for more information email miamaxx.contact@gmail.com