Dansex launches innovative discreet douche

Posted: October 5, 2015

Dansex will be unveiling a new addition to its anal cleaning range at eroFame, the WaterClean Showerhead with Anal Douche. The package contains an anal douche that fits into a traditional shower attachment plus a conventional showerhead to encase it.

The company said: “It has always been an issue how customers could have easy access to their anal showerhead and still keep it discreet from other people using their bathroom. With this new WaterClean product they don’t have to think about unscrewing the douchehead from the hose after use and hide it away somewhere – they simply just screw the normal showerhead back on the douche.”

When used as a showerhead, the product offers three different types of water streaming. For more information visit www.dansex.com