Cyrex to launch world’s first male masturbator that features electro-stimulation

Posted: February 17, 2016

Cyrex will be launching its Jack Socket Electro-Stroker on March 1st – the world’s first male masturbation sleeve to feature electro-stimulation. The company says that when used with an ElectraStim Flick or Flick Duo stimulator, it’s possible to achieve a fully-synchronised experience with the e-stim pattern matching the user’s stroking pattern, merging the sensations into a single pleasurable action.

The Jack Socket Electro-Stroker sleeve is made from latex- and Phthalate-free TPE material and it features an open-ended design so it is suitable for all lengths. The expandable cavity design can accommodate girths of up to 5.5”. It comes with protective caps which, like the outer sleeve, are made from medical grade platinum cured silicone.

In addition to the device itself, the Jack Socket Electro-Stroker pack includes a tube of electro conductive gel, a sample of lubricant, and multi-language instructions (in French, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, and English).

It’s taken Cyrex three years to get from concept to boxed product, with a key design challenge being that realistic sex toy materials tend to be insulators. “We had a lot of hurdles to overcome, but in the end we created exactly what we set out to design – a realistic-feel male masturbator that works with electro-stimulation,” explained Andy Smith of Cyrex.

Jack Socket is expected to appeal to both gay and straight men: “We have kept our initial sleeve non-anatomical and gender neutral to give it a wider appeal,” Andy said. “We fully expect male gay stores to do very well with Jack Socket as electro-sex is an established category in this sector of the adult market. We do however hope that introducing a well-known masturbator concept with an electro twist will help attract new customers from both the hetero and gay markets.”

Retailers will be pleased to learn that marketing support will be forthcoming, as Andy explained: “Jack Socket is very much a boy’s toy and the marketing will be tailored for an all-male audience. We’ve sent our press releases out to the major men’s magazines as well as fetish and adult publications. We usually get a good spread of interest between trade, mainstream and adult press, so it’s business as usual. We always make our products available for PR pieces, with UK’s Big Brother being one of the media outlets who have used our products on screen. Who knows where Jack Socket might show up? A male sex toy that gives your willy an electrical charge is likely to get quite a bit of attention.”

Dedicated retail support will include in-store demo units, POS materials, posters, videos, and Cyrex is currently booking in training sessions with its stockists. Jack Socket has a retail price of £79. For more information contact Cyrex on 01992 676262, email or see the March issue of ETO magazine for a more detailed article on the product and its development.