Customer satisfaction: four new Satisfyers due

Posted: August 24, 2016

Following the successful launch of the Satisfyer Pro 2 pressure wave vibrator earlier this summer, its manufacturers have announced the release for four new Satisfyer models. Retail prices will start from €39.99 and go up to €89.99 (the price of the current Satisfyer Pro 2) and they will be available from the end of October.

Satisfyer says the new models have been designed and developed for every target group and every budget by the most renowned product designers in Europe. The company says that in contrast to its competitors’ products (which have a second inner chamber), no liquids, lubricants or water can get into the hole in the device’s head in any of the models and remain in the interior – and that the pending Satisfyer patent makes the second inner chamber unnecessary. “Our technology – with one single chamber and a large opening – enables the removal of any incoming liquids, lubricants or water, and is therefore 100% hygienic and safe,” said product developer Dr Karen Maeder.

Jerome Bensimon, vice president of sales for Satisfyer, said: “Following the incredible success of Satisfyer Pro 2, in particular after the whisper mode that had been launched shortly before, we would like to offer our leading technology to an even broader target group. For this, we have aligned our design, price point and sales markets to satisfy the various requirements. For instance, with a retail price of €69.99, our playful Satisfyer Pro 2 Penguin design targets customers who are young and demanding, yet cannot easily afford €100 for a high-end toy.”

The two lowest priced models, at €39.99 and €49.99, use standard batteries rather than USB technology, and Satisfyer believes these will achieve significant sales in emerging markets such as Asia, Eastern Europe and South America.

Sabine Schuchardt, head of sales in Europe for Satisfyer, added: “On the other hand, we have our rechargeable Satisfyer Pro 2, Pro Deluxe and Pro Penguin models, which have a retail price of €89.99, €79.99, and €69.99. These have a sophisticated design, unbeatable technology, high margins for specialist trade and even more affordable prices for customers in the key markets such as Europe, Japan, Australia, Canada, and USA.”

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