Customer research results in improvements at Je Joue

Posted: June 6, 2017

British boutique brand Je Joue has been conducting in-depth consumer research, including running focus groups, studying reviews online, talking to staff in-store, working in stores, and even opening its own sex positive pop up store in London in November and December 2016, and it has concluded that it needed to improve in three key areas: its buttons, its charging, and its packaging.

After discovering that some users found its buttons a little hard to press, Je Joue has now strengthened its control panels. This allows it to raise the buttons from the base of the toy, making them easier to press and giving stronger feedback with each click.

Addressing comments that the charger connection was a bit weak, Je Joue has increased the surface area of metal on both the toy and the charger, which has made the connection between the charger and the toy much stronger.

Finally, with regard to improving its packaging, Je Joue said: “We never want to just ‘blend in with the crowd’. We are a luxury brand and want to make sure we portray this in every aspect of the brand. When people invest in one of our Je Joue toys, we want to convey the luxurious experience before opening the box. Our new boxes are discreet and beautiful, with a velvety soft touch which matches our vibes.”

The above improvements have been made to Je Joue’s existing range of toys and will also apply to its next new launch, which is expected in September. For more information visit