Crowdfunding campaign launched for interactive kegal exerciser

Posted: November 13, 2014

The team behind Norwegian brand Laid have launched an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign for Loop, which is described as an interactive kegel exerciser that offers real-time results with an ergonomic design made for the modern woman. Loop features a smartphone app that is said to transform the traditional ‘sit-and-squeeze’ technique into a physical fitness system. LOOP does way more than just strengthen your muscles, and Laid needs your help to bring LOOP to women around the world.

Loop’s narrow asymmetric shape is said to make it a cinch to insert, comfortable to squeeze, and easy to adjust and twist for the perfect fit. It connects to any mobile device that supports Bluetooth Low Energy (aka BLE) via a free app that offers pre-programmed exercise routines and visual feedback that can be seen with every squeeze. The device contains a pressure sensor that detects muscle movements and translates them into easy-to-read graphics with weekly progress reports. It is also said to contain a three-axis accelerometer that senses even the slightest motions and lets the user know whether they are accurately ‘lifting’ the device with their pelvic floor muscles. If the user isn’t, the app will tell her to adjust her form.

“Pelvic floor health has become an oft-studied and explored topic among doctors, nurses and therapists for decades and now national health organizations worldwide recommend that women exercise their pelvic floor muscles every day – yet so many of us still don’t do it!” Laid co-founder Karianne Ellekrans said. “Our team wanted to create a kegel exerciser that would make it fun, easy and exciting to keep our pelvic floors in tip-top shape, and Loop’s final design has been tested, reviewed and is ready for mass-manufacturing – but we currently can only afford to make a modest amount of units. With every Indiegogo pledge, we can increase our production numbers, speed up the process, and – most importantly – make Loop one of the industry’s only interactive kegel fitness systems that women of all lifestyles can afford to buy and use every day.”

The progress of the campaign can be seen at

“The pelvic floor has to be able to contract, lift and hold in order to do its job, but these muscles weaken quickly and easily as we age, gain weight, and have children,” Ellekrans added. “Weak pelvic floor muscles can cause all kinds of embarrassing issues, including accidentally leaking urine when we laugh, sneeze or cough; unintentionally passing gas; lower back pain; and much more. But regular kegel fitness not only takes care of the aforementioned issues, but it also helps promote stronger, more intense orgasms and even a ‘tighter’ feeling inside the vagina. The results are truly life-changing, which is why we’re so passionate about making Loop available to the masses.”

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