Critics schmitics – Grey set to break records

Posted: June 24, 2015

The critics may not have liked it but Grey: Fifty Shades of Grey As Told by Christian, which retells the original story through the male protagonist’s point of view, has reportedly broken sales records in the US and is expected to do the same in the UK.

EL James will no doubt be delighted to learn it sold over a million copies in the US in its first few days on sale, and although UK figures have yet to be released they are expected to be record breaking. Amazon revealed that it was the highest pre-ordered title of the year.

The Independent called Grey “unintentionally hilarious” and The Telegraph said it was “written with the personality of a blow-up doll.” The Guardian called it “creepy” and the Daily Mail  lamented “the clunky polystyrene dialogue”. The Economist said: “Considering such commercial savvy, it is disappointing that the author and her publishers are so bereft of ambition”, referring to the fact that Grey is the exact same story as the first Fifty Shades book. Several critics mentioned that this effectively rules out a film adaptation.
Yahoo News has collated a number of comments from disappointed Amazon reviewers in this post.