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Creem Pi standard for controlling sex toys ‘fatally flawed’

Alex Parker of SexToysBuzz.com has warned that the open source aspect of the proposed new Creem Pi industry standard for controlling sex toys could result in a “nightmare scenario” should it attract the attention of a determined despot with an axe to grind.

Project Creem Pi is an initiative by Loving Toyz which aims to revolutionise the way sex toys are controlled and how they interact with the end-user. Harold Blatann, chief project manager at the firm, said: “Here at Loving Toyz we do not believe that sex toy users should have to take what the sex toy manufacturers give to them, no matter how hard they are pushed. We believe fervently that we are entering the era of the smart sex toy and the savvy sex toy user – after all we all have smartphones, use mobile apps and want all our consumer electronic devices to work together. With Creem Pi you can plug your toy into your PC via USB and adjust it to your tastes using our visual tools, download popular configurations from our website and even write your own specialised control modules in the Python language if you have the technical skills.”

The company has been working on new forms of sex toy control systems as well as an open source development environment based on the Raspberry Pi credit card sized computer.

“The Raspberry Pi was an obvious starting point for us with its built in operating system and development tools alongside networking capabilities that allow us to realise our dream of a fully programmable sex toy that can link to devices and services across the world,” said Blatann.

Once fully developed the Creem Pi system will be miniaturised onto a single-chip control system – Controller LITe. CLIT will then be ready for integration into any sex toy. Any adult product compliant with the Creem Pi standards will be controllable by smartphone via Bluetooth or wireless, and even over the internet via Loving Toyz’s server farm. Blatann is currently petitioning the EU’s Pan EuropeaN Information Standards committee (PENIS) to make Creem Pi the mandatory standard for sex toy control systems. Industry expert Alex Parker of SexToysBuzz.com sounded a note of caution however: “Creem Pi is fatally flawed because open standards mean that anyone can manipulate the control system and I can envisage a nightmare scenario. Imagine a rogue state like North Korea programming all the vibrators in China to start up simultaneously. It wouldn’t take much to use a resonant frequency that could cause a tidal wave that would sweep across the Pacific and devastate the west coast of the US.”

For more information about Creem Pi visit http://lovingtoyz.com/

ETO editor Dale Bradford commented after the story broke on April 1st [via www.erotictradeonly.com and through social media channels]: “A number of our readers have suggested the Creem Pi initiative is an April Fool story. They are, of course, completely correct.”