Creative picks up Endless Shades of Great Sex following Alexander deal

Posted: May 23, 2013

Creative Conceptions has announced that is now exclusively distributing the Loving Sex series of DVDs from the Alexander Institute. The publisher has been producing its range of sexuality DVDs, which feature real life couples in real life situations, for over 20 years and most titles are available in both 18 and R18-rated versions. The latest release, Endless Shades of Great Sex, is being marketed alongside the successful Sex & Mischief Collection of soft BDSM accessories from Sportsheets.

Tailored for an international market and featuring multiple languages, each DVD in the series contains English, Spanish, French and German audio and menus. Additional features include subtitles for the hearing impaired, an on-screen sex encyclopaedia and links to important sites.

Creative Conceptions will also distribute the Alexander Institute’s erotic books. One of the special deals the company will offer at the upcoming ETO Show is the opportunity to receive 20 free copies of the erotic book Sexual Secrets and Erotic Encounters with an order of any 100 Loving Sex DVDs.

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