Creative Conceptions introduces Flexxio

Posted: December 2, 2018

Creative Conceptions has announced that the new Flexxio couples’ vibrator from BeauMents is now available and shipping. Described as a stylishly designed, multi-purpose love toy for stimulating the most sensitive parts of your body during sensual play with or without a partner, it boasts two motors and 10 vibration modes. It can be operated using buttons or a wireless remote control with a maximum range of 5-10 meters.

There are two vibrating functions on either end of the Flexxio, with a soft flexible bridge in-between: “The BeauMents Flexxio’s flexible design means that your customers can bend, twist and enjoy this vibrating toy in a large array of positions, allowing for an exciting and varied sex life,” said Creative Conceptions. “The Flexxio adapts to the user’s desires and keeps the shape that they give it.”

Flexxio can be used as a dual stimulation vibration ring, a vaginal or anal vibrator, a clitoral stimulator, a prostate stimulator, or a vibrating masturbator.

“The central part of the toy can be removed to accommodate the penis, allowing for masturbation, foreplay or intercourse,” said Creative. “Versatility at its best, the Flexxio is suitable for external and internal use and can optimally stimulate the penis, clitoris, nipples, vagina, testicles and anus. For best performance, users should charge the product fully before using it for the first time. The product will be fully charged in one hour.”

Flexxio is waterproof, available in purple or blue, and comes with a satin storage bag.

Creative Conceptions:

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