Creative Conceptions celebrates 25 years of ID Lubricants

Posted: August 31, 2018

ID Lubricants is celebrating 25 years of trading and Creative Conceptions, its exclusive UK distributor, has issued a public statement of congratulations to the brand. ID has been bringing joy to bedrooms and helping couples out of tight situations since 1993 and the range now encompasses a wide variety of lubricants, from flavoured, warming, cooling, water-based, silicone-based, hybrid, anal, luxury, specially blended, and the recently launched ID Xtreme – which is a super thick lube that is formulated with Friction Reduction Technology – but the two bestsellers are still silicone-based ID Millennium and water-based ID Glide.

“Lubricant is one of the very few consumable products in our industry and therefore it’s one of your best opportunities to see more repeat custom,” said Richie Bowles, co-founder of Creative Conceptions, the exclusive UK distributor for ID Lubricants. “Consumers may buy one or two toys a year but they can buy a lube every month – more in some cases: we always remember Nice ‘n’ Naughty Chester had a customer who would buy a 17oz ID Glide every week – so a top quality, branded lube is a key opportunity to ensure regular customer visits and more opportunities for customer contact. We are very proud of the fact that ID Glide and ID as a brand have received a total of 17 ETO Awards for the Best Consumable Product and Best Consumable Brand.”

ID was the mainstay of Creative Conceptions’ business in its early days – it started trading as ID Lube UK – and over the years the company has invested heavily in terms of both time and money to grow the ID brand to where it is in the UK today. “We have always loved ID and genuinely believe it to be the best lube there is,” said fellow Creative co-founder Jane Bowles. “We have loved the journey with ID from our first small order, which was unceremoniously dumped on the pavement outside the house – we didn’t know we had to say we didn’t have a forklift at the time – through all the Prides, Eroticas and ETO Shows to where it is now. We would like to take this opportunity to congratulate ID on its 25 years in business and pass on our thanks to all ID’s loyal retailers here in the UK who have helped make the brand the success it is today.”

Creative Conceptions:

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