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Consumer electronics giant enters adult market

Philips, one of the biggest names in consumer electronics, has entered the adult market with the launch of its Intimate Massagers range, aimed at couples in the 35 – 55 age group. The massagers fit within a new Philips product category called Relationship Care and the initial range consists of three SKUs – Warm Intimate Massager, Intimate Massager with Candlelights and Intimate Dual Massagers.

The new range will be available through High Street outlets, including Boots and Selfridges, and Amazon.co.uk, and each unit is expected to retail at less than £100.

The UK has been chosen as the sole launch market, with other European territories not following until next year, after Philips’ research revealed that the UK market for this product sector was worth around 70m euro. Its research also suggested that 35% of adults would consider using an intimate accessory with their partner if it were designed for couples rather than being meant for individual use, and that these adults would be more likely to try such products if they could buy them through “more accessible” retail channels.

Sheila Struyck, Head of Market-driven Innovation and Category Leader for Relationship Care within Philips’ Consumer Lifestyle sector, commented: “This is an attractive market opportunity that Philips is in a unique position to pursue. We have the expertise in health and well-being, a strong track record in product design, a deep knowledge of consumer marketing, as well as a brand shown to lend credibility and appeal to this product category by addressing our target market in an accessible way.”

Further details on the launch will be included in the October issue of ETO.