Coco de Mer enjoys post-Brexit sales boom

Posted: October 12, 2016

Online lingerie sales at Coco de Mer have shot up in the last seven months, the company has revealed, and one of the reasons for the surge has been sterling’s devaluation since the June 23rd vote to leave the European Union. Coco de Mer has a high proportion of foreign customers and its online sales are up 39% for the period from March 1st to October 1st compared to the same time in 2015.

Coco de Mer managing director Lucy Litwack said: “Whatever fears people have for the future they are not letting them interfere with their sex lives. We don’t know the long-term impact and whether our Brexit will be hard or soft [but] I am confident that Coco de Mer can maintain its recent growth. Half the period of the sales surge has been post-Brexit. Coco de Mer has always been a destination store for foreign shoppers in London and that has certainly been the case this year. They have benefited from sterling’s devaluation, but we have also seen a big surge in sales from domestic customers, too. Any economic uncertainty has not been impacting on luxury erotica – if anything it has been the opposite.”

Litwack added that there are other factors behind the boom, besides Brexit, including the launch of Coco de Mer’s Fifty Shades Darker lingerie last month. “It has been a really exciting period and the launch of Coco de Mer wholesale has driven a lot of fresh traffic to the website,” she said. “People are discovering our products in Selfridges’ Body Studio,, ASOS and House of Fraser and they are then going to our website to learn more about the brand. We have also provided a bigger assortment of own brand lingerie on the site which customers seem to like. Having a dedicated online manager has helped us to improve conversions [and] I think Coco de Mer’s long-running partnership with the photographer Rankin has also really benefited the brand. His beautiful photography captures the spirit of Coco de Mer perfectly – each shoot and behind-the-scenes film is a gorgeous celebration of decadent erotica. It enables us to maintain consistent excellence in our visual presentation of the brand online.”