Cobeco unveils new Tasty Lubes collection

Posted: January 28, 2019

Cobeco Pharma has introduced a new lube collection called CBL Tasty Lubes. There are seven different flavours in the range: aloe vera, cannabis, chocolate, guarana, 100% natural, passion fruit and strawberry, and Cobeco says each has its own smell and taste.

“This collection is stylish and clean, perfect to be sold in pharmacies and intimate health shops,” the company said. “At Cobeco we know that many couples look to spice up their love life and there is a trend among couples that would love to venture out into the adventurous side of sexual activities. The Tasty lubricants are a perfect addition to long lasting and intense sexual intercourse, they are intended to hydrate and moisturise, increase comfort during sexual activity, and replenish the natural body fluids. Tasty lubricants are also suitable to combine with latex condoms.”

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