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Clegg urged to repeal the VRA

Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has sent out a nationwide appeal for members of the voting public to suggest laws which should be repealed or amended. He is particularly interested in laws that infringe civil liberties and strangle the growth of businesses.

Derek Bartle of Dom Promotions has taken Clegg at his word: “I believe that the law banning the sale of R18 movies via mail order falls into both these categories,” he told ETO. “By being unable, as an adult, to order an R18 movie via mail order infringes my civil liberties and as a business being unable to supply an existing British market with product, when our European partners can freely supply the British market, is restricting my business.”

Bartle has therefore posted a thread on the government website http://yourfreedom.hmg.gov.uk regarding this issue. He added: “If any ETO readers feel the same as me, please show your support by voting for my thread and also posting threads of your own.”

The thread can be seen and voted on at: