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Cheap Thrills for Christmas

Magic Silk has introduced its Cheap Thrills Holiday 2011 Collection. It contains eight styles, including five classic Santa outfits and three playful, new elf costumes. The Santa designs are named Kris Tingle, Mistle-Tow Show, Jolly Good Time, Mistress Claus and St Nikki and the elf costumes answer to Head Elf, Santa’s Helper and Jingle Bells.

These playful costumes are made of soft red and green velvet, and feature an assortment of hats, bras, corsets, skirts, panties, chemise and G-strings. Various trims include white fur, satin bows, bells and functional gold buckles. All styles are available in S/M, L/X and queen sizes and are sold in special, holiday themed Cheap Thrills packaging with gold foil stamping and a red bow.

For more information visit www.magicsilk.com