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Charged up: Creative promotes Screaming O collection

Charged up: Creative promotes Screaming O collection

Creative Conceptions is promoting the Screaming O Charged Collection to its customers this summer, highlighting six major benefits the range has over competitors’ products. According to Creative Conceptions, the exclusive UK distributors for Screaming O, these include the choice of battery, quality, warranty, power, price, and marketing support.

The batteries in Screaming O Charged products are Lithium Ion Polymer, which are said to be more reliable than competing products and make toys less susceptible to overheating or overcharging. In terms of quality, the materials are body-safe and lab tested at an independent third party laboratory in the US to be free from heavy metals, phthalates, latex, or any harmful contaminants. The entire Charge ranged is backed by a two-year warranty, while the motors used – Positive and Vooom – are said to exceed the power of competing products in similar categories.

Creative Conceptions describes Screaming O prices as “very competitive” compared to competing items in their respective categories, while marketing support includes free custom graphics (online or in-store) along with high-resolution images and product videos.

There are 17 lines in the range, including the Charged Positive Remote Control, Charged Ohare Vibrating Cock Ring, Charged Vooom Bullet Vibe, The BigO, and Charged Remote Control Panty Vibe.

Creative Conceptions founder Jane Bowles said: “Screaming O is one of the best-selling brands in the business and the Charged Collection performs well making it a smart buying decision. They have a huge diversity of products that are easy and fun to use, make an eye-catching impact in-store, and they come at a fantastic affordable price point. For the rechargeables, for the equivalent cost of a set of batteries, you actually need never buy them again.

“We suggest displaying products on a spinning stand to allow customers to browse the range easily and for you to maximise space whilst offering as many items from the line as possible. The value items offer a sort of pick ‘n’ mix shopping experience so is a great way to up-sell from the range too. The wholesale price for a floor stand is £1357.74 with an SRP value of £3,258.57 so it offers a sizeable ROI and it looks great.”

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