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CCBill announces new pricing packages

CCBill announces new pricing packages

Global e-commerce solutions provider, CCBill, announced the expansion of its extensive cross-sale and up-sale tools today, to include the recently released pricing packages. The inclusion of the new rate packages for low-risk and non-adult products and services will offer online entertainment sites the ability to add new revenue streams by layering on payments for specific growth markets.

Launched in October, CCBill’s series of pricing packages are designed to provide a single source payment processing platform for non-adult and low-risk markets while at the same time leveraging the consumer recognition of CCBill as a trusted partner. The CCBill ‘Complete’ package provides a low-cost payment processing solution for upselling tangible and hard goods such as toys, DVDs, books, or calendars – which can be added onto any existing subscription and membership site.

“Selling tangibles is something many of our merchants have expressed an interest in doing – and are doing now – as a way to complement their sales of online content,” said Gary Jackson, managing vice president of sales and internet markets for CCBill. “With the addition of our new rates packages for low-risk and non-adult products, our merchants can now start offering these types of goods in conjunction with their other digital services and high-risk content. One source and one-checkout makes for an easy purchase and a smooth consumer experience – at an approachable price.”

CCBill Complete is offered at rates starting at 3.9 percent plus a $0.55 transaction fee. Like all of the other pricing packages, it includes the many features of CCBill payment processing services, which are intended to simplify the buying process for consumers.

“Our OneClick services have provided incredible success for many of our merchants,” added Jackson. “Not only can a website owner open up more opportunities to sell goods to subscribers that are already on their own websites, but other hard goods sellers can also leverage CCBill’s processing platform to cross-sell to the tens of thousands of CCBill merchants. It really brings tremendous sales opportunities under one big payments umbrella.”

To learn more about CCBill Cross-Sell option, the OneClick Network or the CCBill Complete, feel free visit ccbill.com