CB-X Male Chastity clamps down on counterfeiting

Posted: August 24, 2016

CB-X Male Chastity has announced that it is ramping up its efforts to fight the ongoing wave of companies counterfeiting its award-winning brand of devices. The US firm says its new Brand Protection Department recently won a case against a company in the UK which had hijacked its trademarks. The unnamed company has now transferred these trademarks back to CB-X.

“We have been involved in fighting bootleggers for over ten years and have received multiple judgments against counterfeiters in the last decade,” said Nikki Yates, corporate director of AL Enterprises, the manufacturers of CB-X Male Chastity. “Counterfeit products not only tarnish the CB-X brand, they endanger the safety of our valued customers. Now it’s time to not only bring awareness to customers about how to spot a counterfeit CB-X device, but put a stop to this nonsense altogether.”

The recent victory over trademark infringement is just the beginning of what the manufacturer’s new Brand Protection Department has in store for anyone unlawfully reproducing male chastity devices under the guise of the CB-X brand. Those carrying, selling or involved in any type of bootlegging of CB-X products will face legal action by the manufacturer.

The manufacturer’s attorney released this statement about the recent UK case: “CB-X Male Chastity, as part of its ongoing worldwide campaign to eliminate the marketing of counterfeit and infringing products, successfully enforced its IP rights in the UK by forcing a UK-based competitor to relinquish rights to confusingly similar UK trademarks and to stop selling counterfeit CB-X products.”

The company has posted a video on its official YouTube channel to help consumers spot the difference between a counterfeit or bootleg product and an authentic CB-X Male Chastity device. Distributors and retailers are encouraged to contact the manufacturer by email (info@cb-x.com)with any questions they might have on this subject.