Cara Sutra’s £5 challenge

Posted: May 29, 2013

Leading sex toy blogger Cara Sutra has set herself a challenge for June – to find a sex toy which retails for less than £5 (SRP not sale or clearance price) which she would actually enjoy. It can be vaginal, anal, dual stimulator, rabbit, couples, cock ring – the only stipulation is that it’s a sex toy, not fetish equipment or kink, or lube; a sex toy which can be used during masturbation or sex.

“If you have a small sex toy company, website or just dropship, this is a way to get your site noticed and kick off your customer reviews,” Cara said. “If you’re an established store, it’s a way for some of the lesser wished for items to receive an honest review. Can this challenge be beaten? Can there be a £5 or less sex toy which exists which isn’t made entirely of suck? Or do sex toys have to be £50+ to be enjoyable? If you think you have something I’d like, contact me. All sex toys received will receive a full and honest customer review, with links.”

ETO will be taking a keen interest in the results of Cara’s challenge – if you have a product that fits her conditions she can be contacted via