Home Product News CalExotics’ new Tremble collection promises ‘an earthquake between your legs’

CalExotics’ new Tremble collection promises ‘an earthquake between your legs’

CalExotics' new Tremble collection promises ‘an earthquake between your legs’

The Tremble range of intimate massagers is now available from CalExotics, and the US manufacturer is supporting the launch with a variety of marketing resources for its customers to utilise, including specially designed social media assets [pictured].

The Tremble™ collection features Ultra-Soft dual-density silicone and a new, body-resonating motor designed for intense, seismic pleasure that – according to CalExotics’ resident sexologist Dr Jill McDevitt – has a lot to do with clitoral anatomy.

“We all know that surface-level clitoral stimulation can lead to some incredible orgasms for people with vulvas, but Tremble delivers much more than that,” said McDevitt. “These reverberations are felt much deeper in the clitoral structure, pleasuring the roots of the clitoris that stem several inches into the body. This creates a rumbling sensation that feels like an earthquake between your legs.”

The Tremble line features massagers: Tease, Tickle, Kiss, and Please. Tremble™ Tease sports a round, bulb-like tip; Tremble™ Tickle has a flickering tongue tip; Tremble™ Kiss offers a full-coverage design ‘that feels like your entire vulva is getting a deep, trembling kiss’; while Tremble™ Please boasts a fluttering rabbit teaser. All models are waterproof, USB rechargeable, and deliver 10 speeds of rumbling vibration.

“We’ve always known that the body is an incredible vehicle for pleasure,” said Susan Colvin, founder and CEO of CalExotics. “But with this new technology and innovation comes a greater understanding of the depths of our pleasure. The rumbling sensations delivered by this line are next-level pleasure and can, quite literally, leave your body blissfully trembling.”

CalExotics is offering a variety of resources for its customers, including up-to-date product data, high-resolution images, and marketing collateral available on b2b.calexotics.com. The company also offers informational videos available to download or stream directly from the CalExotics website. Newly enhanced images are also available for the Tremble collection and can be downloaded on each product page, along with specially designed social media assets available for download here.