Calendars for the advent-urous from Orion

Posted: October 26, 2017

Erotic Advent Calendars are now available from Orion Wholesale. There are five options for retailers to choose from this year.

The XXL is made of cardboard with folding doors and has 24 removable boxes behind them. These contain items such as sex toys, lingerie, massage oil, lubricant, condoms, cheeky sex games, and joke items. Once removed, the empty boxes can be turned around and then put back in the calendar so that an erotic picture slowly appears.

There is also a fetish version, which contains items such asfloggers, restraints, nipple clamps, hot wax, anal toys, unusual sex toys for the penis, items for spanking, restraints (from soft to hard), a bondage rope, and accessories like condoms and lubricant.

For those who like their advent calendars with chocolate, Sweet Xmas has 24 ‘sexy Christmas women’ made of chocolate behind the 24 doors, and there is also Sexy Xmas, which features a sexy Santas and a chocolate heart, and a Couples calendar, with doors for him, her, and both together. For more details visit Orion’s UK distribution partner