Cage fighting: Net 1on1 launches new range of male chastity devices

Posted: January 27, 2017

Net 1on1 is introducing a new line of metal chastity devices for men called Impound. The company says that while enforced male chastity is primarily about the confinement of a flaccid penis, enthusiasts of the practice also seek devices that will be comfortable to wear and easy to clean. Each cage in the Impound range has been ergonomically designed to follow the curvature of a flaccid penis and each comes with a padlock, two keys, and three different sized base rings to fit most men.

Impound contains four different designs: Exhibition, Gladiator, Spiral and Corkscrew: Exhibition encloses the entire shaft of the penis, only letting the tip peek out; Gladiator sports an open design so the wearer will be on show even though he won’t be allowed to grow; Spiral’s design is said to be good for air circulation for extended wear; while Corkscrew is aimed at more advanced users and features an optional penis plug that can be inserted through a secure hole at the tip of the device.

Net 1on1 head buyer Danielle Warn said: “There’s definitely a gap in the market for high quality, affordable male chastity devices that don’t just look but work great as well. These metal cages are easy to keep clean and the fit can be customised, so no matter how big or small the penis, these devices will keep it firmly in place. The four designs we are introducing now are just the beginning, and the range will expand to feature even more styles to appeal to even more men and their partners. Instead of bulky packaging, the Impound cages come in a handy velvet bag that is easier to store and for stores, this packaging helps to display the product. After the introduction of a luxurious nubuck leather bondage brand, Bound, in the summer 2016, this is the next step in the evolution of Net 1on1’s kink catalogue, so watch this space for more, new ways to explore the dark side.”

Net 1on1:

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