Ça plane pour Noir: Bound is back in black

Posted: May 1, 2018

Net 1on1 has announced that Bound, its leather bondage brand, is getting a brand extension: Bound Noir. The distributor says the new sister brand combines the traditional fetish colour, black, with the same brass detailing that helped the original Bound range stand out in the first place. Noir includes a leather leash, an O-ring choker, a paddle, a riding crop and a pair of slim wrist cuffs, complementing the existing Bound bestsellers like the nubuck leather flogger and the heavy duty, padded wrist and ankle restraints.

“Bound Noir has been in the making for at least a year now as we really wanted to get the range right,” said Sebastian Gonzalez, Net 1on1’s sales manager. “Bound was so successful from the moment we introduced it at the 2016 ETO Show, so we had a tough act to follow, but we are confident that the five new additions will be just as well received.

“We wanted to make sure that we fill in some of the gaps that the original collection left and, in the meantime, also cater to a slightly different, perhaps more novice audience. And so, the Bound Noir paddle is small and rounded – a classic shape that we know is sought after. The new nubuck leather choker is perfect for wearing out and about on the scene; it can make for a stylish fashion statement but will work perfectly at the end of a leash in a dungeon, too. The wrist cuffs are slimmer than the brown version, so we hope that it’ll attract new BDSM players looking for a more delicate and comfortable design.

“Black is a more traditional colour for bondage items, but we wanted to keep the now-signature brass detailing that made Bound so unique and popular. This makes Bound Noir a superbly elegant range that will look great on any shop display or online listing. Of course, our customers will also be happy to hear that we have managed to maintain the same outstanding margins that they got used to with Bound already. It’s not a leap in the dark to suggest that these excellent leather items created with high quality craftsmanship will be bestsellers; this train is success-bound, so get on board and get Bound now!”

The Bound Noir collection includes Nubuck Leather Leash, O-Ring Choker Collar, Paddle with Brass Stud Details, Riding Crop and Slim Wrist Cuffs. Contact Net 1on1 for availability.

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