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By George! Clooney and Cole top mask sales

Swingers who want to indulge their appetites while hiding their identity are flocking to buy lifelike masks of actor George Clooney and Cheryl Cole.

The preferences are laid bare in sales figures from UK manufacturer Mask-arade, which links specific orders to trade shows and media.

On the male side, the other members of the top five in order of sales are actors Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp, pop impresario Simon Cowell and singer Robbie Williams. The five favourite female fantasy figures are all pop princesses. Along with Cheryl, Lady Gaga, Kylie and Katy Perry are on the list, as is fellow diva Madonna.

Mask-arade boss Dean Walton said: “A lot of people clearly like to conceal their true identity behind the fantasy of someone very glamorous and in many cases, who would blame them? It all adds to the fun. It is really interesting to see who floats their boat. And for those over a certain age, it’s really encouraging that the blokes in particular are all over 30 and in one case the other side of 50!”

The Warwickshire-based firm (www.mask-arade.com) was famously rejected by those TV entrepreneurs on Dragons Den but has since thrived. Its products range from off-the-shelf celeb masks to individual ones for family and friends.