Buttr days ahead: EDC launches new men’s brand

Posted: November 26, 2018

EDC Wholesale has introduced the Buttr collection, which it says is specially designed for men with needs, but not faint hearts. “The bold, testosterone-increasing brand with a military look and feel offers a collection of fisting toys and comes with a special fisting cream, gel, and butter for anal penetration,” said EDC. “The fisting lubricants are thicker than the standard lubricants, making the penetration smoother. It is gentle on the skin, remains smooth for a long time and is free from perfumes.”

The XXL butt plugs in the collection are made for the demanding user who is ready for the next step, according to EDC, though there is also a butt plug training set for beginners, which consists of three plugs in different sizes from small to large.

“This extreme collection goes to extreme lengths to inform the users with caution hazard warning signs on the boxes to emphasize the military look and feel,” added EDC.

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