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Burlesque event for charity

A bevy of burlesque beauties will say ‘knickers to thyroid disease’ this autumn in Leeds, at a charity fashion show in aid of the organisation Thyroid-Disease.Org.Uk

The Awesome Autumn Burlesque Fashion Show will be held on Sunday the 5th October from 7pm until midnight, in the fashionable Victoria Quarter in the heart of Leeds during Leeds Shopping Week.

The event is being organised by Dalia Hawley of www.leedburlesque.co.uk, who runs burlesque classes and corporate burlesque events in Leeds, and Dawn Wood of design company Ages Of Elegance, the UK Urban Fashion Awards Featured Lingerie Designer in 2007. Dawn has also made clothing for a wide variety of clients such as the Royal Armouries, Bjork and the Norwegian MOD.
The organisers explained: “Burlesque and thyroid disease may not seem to be an obvious mix but the illness affects one in four of the population, mainly women, causing hair loss on head, face and body, extreme weight gain or loss, changes in skin texture, depression, infertility, as well as conditions such as thyroid cancer. It can lead to lack of self esteem, sociophobia etc and we hope to use burlesque with its celebration of the female form to help bring back the body confidence of many patients.”

As well as showing clothing from Ages of Elegance and other Leeds designers the show will feature performances from some of the area’s leading burlesque dancers and alternative entertainers such as Ruby Corset.

The event will be hosted by Liz Green of BBC Radio Leeds. Models include Ivy Wilde, Anna Fur Laxis, the Dagger Dames and the Boneshakers and many more.

Tickets, which are available from a number of outlets in Leeds, are £8 for concessions, £10 ordinary and £15 for VIP.

For more information see the website at www.burlesquefashionshow.co.uk