Bullet points: Rocks-Off’s latest trio now available at Net 1on1

Posted: August 24, 2018

Net 1on1 has added three new bullet vibes from Rocks-Off to its catalogue, including Coco – which features subtle groves all along its body – the Truly Yours Crimson Kiss, a classic bullet in a glossy red colour, and the purple RO-Mona.

Net 1on1 sales manager Sebastian Gonzalez said: “We have over a decade-long partnership with Rocks-Off now, so we know to anticipate eye-catching product design and trendy aesthetics from them every time they release a new line of products. From this batch we were immediately drawn to the Coco, it looks really pretty in rose gold and features a small, discreet and – as Rocks Off states – ‘deliciously feminine’ pink button. We haven’t seen a bullet quite like this before; the grooves are quite unique, so we can’t wait to see how retailers and consumers will like this surprising design. The Crimson Kiss and the purple RO Mona are also stunningly beautiful, so we are sure they will be really popular along with our existing range of elegant Rocks-Off products. This bestselling UK brand made a name for itself by creating stylish, charming and accessible products that became industry staples. We are proud to stock a range of Rocks-Off’s award-nominated sex toys – these are real magic bullets.”

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